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the existence of palpitation for some time. It is noticed then that

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ment. In rabbits and hares there is strong reason for believing

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grous son-in-law to their family circle, three of them promptly devel-

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origin they pass in a devious manner in the interspaces

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ous she had coughed up hairs at intervals. During the

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saving of over 27% in all cases, good and bad, extending over a

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animal is capable of entering into independent relations of ex-

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munication with his family and counsel. Friends soon

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symptom, however, namely diarrhea, began to follow the ingestion

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upon two of the fenforial powers, xx^on fenfation as well as up-

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Alloway (T. J.) Case of recto-vaginal fistula. Mon-

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The discoloration was of the " bruise " type, hard, brawny, and

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selves of instruction in any first-class medical college.

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120 per minute. The appetite is lost, and there is usually vomiting

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the last twenty years. Up to a few years ago, however, there was very little

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white horsehair, thoroughly purified and cleansed by boiling in alcohol and

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Dr. J. E. Winters said, in reference to Dr. Delafield's advice

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trine in regard to the cause of disease has given j

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of service with CSMS. Miss Stratton was responsible for

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mon, " consists in that state in which the will is free, and in

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case when the directions sent out from the Surgeon-General's

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did not hide behind the barn-door and peep through the

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pylorus was a circular mass of cicatrical tissue, its lumen

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to pressure, which is absent in other forms of ascit^ the rapid oocur-