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Eleanor I. Leslie, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics.

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and partial paralysis of nervous origin are reported by

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cally significant differences between the HMO and the FFS

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intoxication, and there has been so little work done that a definite opinion

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Macroscopic examination of the dog's heart shows two large well-

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nates frivorably. (For further details of the so-called uremia, and of

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are supposed to be formed from the stratified squamous epithelium,

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spiral organisms in enormous numbers in the zone separating the exter-

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illogical to assume that the direction and rapidity of the progression

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for the removal of the great majoritj- of polypi, and at the .same time

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are not more frequently practised is, perha{)s, that so

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to my utmost to change my attitudes. I am trying to

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most of the persons in whose throats they existed had

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for general adoption, as the combustion of a single body costs nearly

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of the spleen, and, especially, on the result of micro-

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told that extreme caution is required in certain persons at all

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A gentleman, 64 years old, a farmer by occupation, stoutly built, had

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complained of great cramps in the abdomen. I prescribed tinct. opii gtt 1.

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time, as it is not within the province of this clinic, the follow-

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We are not now in a position to estimate the precise influ-

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teas for several days, will generally be all that is

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speak of the prompt occurrence of acute tuberculosis during seeming

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The only other mode of administration which I have left unmentioned

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set in, as he was recovering from the effects of the anaesthetic,

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Virgil in poetry. Sir Isaac Newton in natural philosophy, Locke in me*