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amination of the contents of the abdomen. Thus I have been im-

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7. — Herschell describes an improved apparatus for washing

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objection to pocket-case instruments, generally, is their

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requires no ordinary share of skill and experience, and it

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nized subspecialty of the American Board of Preventive

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point where the posterior roots of the upper, middle and lower cords

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exert definite effects, and should, therefore, be desig-

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metropolis. It was confined, with one exception, to the parish

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part of the colon, and remain thus lodged, without causing obstruction,

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The treatment consists in putting the patient to bed and having

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half that number of provers give clinical hints well worth hav-

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think they are always correct, but the work will be found not only deep-

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Case 1. — A man, fifty-five years of age, was taken ill with paralysis and atrophy

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dal or cancroidal tumors, from the fact of the close proximity

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We hope Dr. M. will never say the relaxation of a ring

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of the cornea, — it is performed as follows : Introdce a

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The impression o visual rays on the retina, erial vibration, on

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are grateful to the patients ; care must, of course, be taken to prevent

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tions. In that part of the pelvis where transformation of the vertex

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also that in the malignant chorionic growths the syn-

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to he punished with imprisonment for not more than ten years.

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ature in the wards than with the use of gas. All incan-

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practitioners they would find themselves here in New

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wipers (b, and c) , filled with carbolized cotton , and a gauze bandage

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sincerely ; and we should do the best we possibly can in order to rid ourselves of the incubus

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general dropsy, especially i»f the exti-emities, and cyanosis,