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then the brain is intensely hyper?eraic but not pigmented; (b) cases
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fever appeared, the penis swelled up and became red, and the pain increased. Next
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glosso-pharyngeal (IXa), or respiratory bundle of Kraus, may be seen
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that these effects are due to the serum itself. Other proteid substances
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cylindrical piece of iron, 1 inch long and f inch in diameter, driven into the left
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such tumor from a negress in one of the hospitals in Pittsburg
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sia, there was an epidemic of malaria following the
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found to have existed between the head of the cecum and the
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(e) With other conditions, such as epilepsy or uremia. An epileptic who
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herd, including the tuberculin test, and with all details connected with the
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bacilli grown in the same organism could also produce this lesion. He
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As it W!is, moreover, my suggestion that the entire
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were all healed and the boy discharged from the hospital September 9th.
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** the powers of which (magnesia) probably depend partly upon
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of our school entered into his well-earned rest. Our growth in
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secure a comfortable position, a reflector may be em-
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directly draining into a small lake or pond. Lake water is apt to be
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which confront the obstetrician. Prof. Webster (Med-
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Many preparations are recommended by physicians, sncli as
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for supposing that a mole discharged at any particular month is
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tial that I should enter into any extended considera-
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one had not anticipated such a rapid and unfortunate termination.
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or relief of the obstruction depends upon the balance between the
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that notliing 3hall be left undone, so far as Medical arrange-
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cases the internal administration of opium seems to exercise a very
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medicine we have heretofore depended and still depend
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informed minds; and thus destroy the reputation and usefnhiess of
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cynanche maligna, Dr H. is inclined to ccnfider as varieties
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equal parts, or a solution of nitrate of silver are often required to
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case, partly because they were not completely brought out in
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the catarrhal variety this is especially the case, and if we cannot
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ture raised; urine scant)' and high colored; bowels usually con-
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is this difference from the cystofibromata, that, while they both are
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subject of criminal abortion in all its bearings. The
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eventually recovered. Although the narrowing of the vesical orifice
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of the greater articulations. It is generally augmented by motion or
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properly applied, will be found to promote strength and vigour, aid all
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versa. So that instead of having sometimes to put on two diphtheria nurses,