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was ever noticed. The malarial cases responded promptly, and

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on the bed, they throw themselves in another m a half-conscious or

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indeijted to

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author does not deny the possibility of the existence of direct openino-s

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against an untMpial weight of blood, becomes tranquil and

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and afterwards in oil-cloth. I give only the mildest salts, as Rocheile

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contracted, it may be rendered mild, and may termi-

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gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, some forms of appendicitis, and Addison's

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effect of producing contraction of the nasal, palatine, and

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entirely prohibited, or used only in cases of emergency and with ^nreat caution ; tiie

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dullary and coi-tical portions. The investing tunic peeled off, leaving a smooth

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and above the knee. Incision of the latter, at the bottom of which


the cystic duct, the gall-bladder may greatly enlarge from dis-

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effect of which is to prevent the accumulation and passage oi the seminal num.

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of the College of Surgeons, and Mr. Stone has ten in his collection.

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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with India-rubber sheeting; over this is laid a blanket which has been wrung

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these amiable gentlemen were so depraved in character 1

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and freedom from distress. It is essential to correlate function with

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cells described by us in the ovary do not correspond in any way with

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this lesion exists as a complication of acute diseases. In

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tent, the leucocytosis was very moderate in spite of a high

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doubt as to the genuineness of the disease in the case

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