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blood in the urine. At the end of this six months he had
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She had dm-ing that time borne him a family of five
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P. Head, M.D. Vol. VI. Chicago : The Year Book Publishers.
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a day and lasting three or four minutes, occasional nausea
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ence to Renal Surgery. ClinicarExperimental Investigations.
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be entitled to one vote, and no more ; and no busi-
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Landouzy et Manrlot: Kupport sur iin m^nioire de Thoinot. Aca-
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of the Journal. Dr. Crile's industry in physiologi-
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exploratory laparotomy to determine the site of the fistula.
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E. S. BoGART, surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Academy,
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portion of the occipito-frontalis and by other fibers
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regard to marriage tlie situation was changed, then
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erysipelas 4, measles 40, typhoid fever 60, puerperal fever 13,
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izing the septum opposite, and I have used it on the
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guarded as it is by explanatory reservations, is pro-
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successful. I decided, therefore, to resort to heroic
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since his first attack of pain three days before. In
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sued in these establishments with those of the Bussey
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in nearly all endemic infectious diseases the virus
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shall present the best essay on some surgical subject.
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first, unfit to preside even at the mess-table. But
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the cord and found to contain a coil of intestine, por-
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was left, and that the loss was related to a lesion of
R. H. MiCHELS, assistant surgeon. Detached from the
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been constant and efficient, will be reappointed to
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having been laid both in Porto Rico and the Philip-
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vating character will be implanted on diseased states
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vue Hospital on Feb. (!. He was graduated from the Louisville
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der. The s[)leen was palpable, running out from behind
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due deference to the most conscientious of surgical
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rapossible, to establish its precise identity here,
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tations, it was not within the province of the jury
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to publish an article on a subject of which the writer is
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LlamlliucL. der Allg. u. Siieziell. Cliirurg., von IHtha-BiUroth, 18G8,
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tions on dislocations are capital, and the majority
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:; enlarged and nodular, not painful. Right leg normal,
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the condition of the blood to be one more of anemia
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Dr. a. H. Harrington has resigned the superintendency of
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many cases being broken up into small fragments, and
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that carcinoma invading the cord is usually a highly