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fur which he was admitted on the same day, September 17.

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general culture. There was one, however, who attained

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that Hoesslin over-estimated its usefulness, and to disprove the

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foci are seen on the cut surface. The pleura is normal. The heart is flabby;

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ing for many hours with a frog's heart, and after it

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phakie. Arm. d'ocul.. Par., 1899, cxxii, 241-249. Also, iransl.

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affairs has been met with by one of us in cultures of avian trypanosomes.

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come out in crops (especially upon the dorsal surfaces of the extremities),

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of Acute Pancreatitis," by R. H. Fitz, Boston, Mass. ;

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Bome time he discovered that his comfort depended greatly

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nuclei. Their protoplasm stains rather badly, so that their outline is ill-

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hours, and then I awoke with a severe frontal headache.

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results show that the pneumococcus may be obtained from the blood

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not known, however, how the fibres from these two sources pass to the

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causes seems to operate. Undue exposure to inclement weather, overindul-

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tensity in the last weeks of pregnancy, also exercise

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into general use, because recommended by Liebig the philo-

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. Felt perfectly well when she left .hospital. Both tubes

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are mechanical, and referable to circumstances in the heart, directly

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parenteral fluids Warning signs or symptoms of fluid and electrolyte imbalance, irrespective of cause, include

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7. He may not be intellectually fitted or capable of

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and the nature of the injury is quite favorable for

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Angina Laconaris. B. Westheimeb. — Angina lacunaris

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there is more infiltration of the rectal wall ; more occlu-

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(that is, not a “pseudodementia”). In older adults with

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" The. black-root is very highly celebrated by those

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states in the Union would reciprocate. After my remarks, Dr. Cole-