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chymatous nephritis (large white kidney). The kidney is pale, smooth, and
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of the church, by which he was persecuted and finally
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MacDonald, Burwash, McCuUough, Lloyd, J. J. McCaffrey,
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portant to take the temperature by rectum during the treat-
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on one of the larger joints as a primary attack, would
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who, in the interests of science, and for the welfare of their race,
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when the slight mental wandering finally merges into a condition of uncon-
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of circumstance, or an unwilling concession to force majeure,
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excreta may be supposed to accumulate in the blood, promoting
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scribing for him as his physician. It says that the information
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was also one of twins. In one case lactation was avoided ; all
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cases. In one, of a child eight and a half years of age, a firm
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times very curious. I recollect well going to the. bedside of a poor
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adults. Blood and oropharyngeal cultures in adults have a
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suffered so acutely from it, and wrote so ably about it — it has
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which by central necrosis became an ulcer. j\Iixed forms were met
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• This article is from Dioskorides, iv. 156. The painting,
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preceding address: "In case of paralysis you go from
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imperfectly socialised. His adaptation to the social state is faulty. In
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entirely deaf and exhibited optic neuritis. Other symp-
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15. The abnormal temperature proper to the various forms of
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by artilioial means ; nay, that it require? great and long-conti-
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conditions have been noted in the olfactory bulbs and tracts, the optic
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diseases in which complete resorption of inflammatory deposits rarely if
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poison, producing specific effects upon the human body. These
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first few months of life. Because of the greater age of the child,
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first to insist on the advantages of high apertures in
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relation; bv others it is rej^arded as secondarvto the transudation. The
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