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they consist in atrophy of the nerve -elements, and hypertrophy and
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The Secretary then moved the appointment of a Committee of three
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tion must be upon the earlier. It is a condensed en-
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of Columbia. Usually a pint bottle, though sometimes a quart, with
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strictly speaking, cerebral symptoms. They preserve
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comes even into pretence. The occasions are very rare
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bladder, and several attempts were made by nurses and
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The knee was swollen, but free from tenderness on manipula-
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on heating. In the sodium chlorid heat test described on p. 564 a precipitate
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48 hours after inoculation, but those surviving usually live for months, or
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cancerous and twenty of non-cancerous stenosis of the pylorus with a
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most eifectually wiped out. If the official report in any way resembles
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rected the errors of the previous report, that the figures
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Manchester Royal Tntirmary, in ihe room of W. O. Jones, Ksq.
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T. (Undulina) rotatorum, and then by Gaule in 1880, who mistook
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cal nature, I can only give utterance to my feelings in the language of that
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in guinea-pigs. A slight increase in abdominal pressure causes increased
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the direction of physicians and trained nurses experienced in the work. The active
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65-77. — ITIafloni (A. C.) Sul tifo, e sulla cau,sa essenziale
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fever, measles, influenza, mumps, or more often by rheumatism.
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formed in the operation of a nation’s economy and there-
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compression of the aorta. When the cyst attains enormous dimensions the
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Although formerly regarded as a necessa'rily fatal disease, the prognosis
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enough to attempt to slacken it will be trodden down and left
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" When the disease had existed a little longer, the round gastric ceUs
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and pass the needle from the outer side to avoid the
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Exhalations from the earth, dampness of the kitchen floors, and conse-
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care of strangers. In her absence they were fed on the bottle, having
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given, comparatively speaking, but little attention to the
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Fig. 1 10. — General type of termination of the febrile course in the various tropica^
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A Tjrpical Case of Beriberi. — ^The patient first complains of weakness
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tion after death have proved real and visible conditions, you
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and being fully under the control of the assistant, were
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(B. L.) Eighteen cases of typhoid fever traced to tlicir
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stricture, and, guiding with the finger of my left hand in the
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