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less even, were continued throughout the active stage of thu

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combination in the form of iodoform, given chiefly intra-

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Our bodies are v»armed by such a fire-place only by the direct rays

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J. Collins Warren succeeded his father in 1815. He contributed greatly to

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gall-ducts and liver as fast as hatched out. Their presence in

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ored people that have venereal diseases: those who have it, those who

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20th. — The bougie passes one and a half inch further. The

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position of the stomach, except by transillumination, with

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stitutions other than naval hospitals where Navy patients are cared

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arm, about half an inch in length, and Avas bleeding freely

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point, this method, in my opinion, presents certain advantages,

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generally quite hopeless. Probably more cases of mania are

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covered ; there was no sub-clavicular flattening, neither was the res-

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fastened it by suture to the scrotum, and to prevent the

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nothing tends so much at the present time to hinder the

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the cause the anemia itself is almost never cured. Can-

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the Guardians, who want a cheap scheme, and the Local GoTernmenl

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throat. The tonsils were enlarged, but not so much as to

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bowel above was opened and emptied through a glass drainage

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panied the spontaneous zoster of this distribution. In one case that

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and without any pain or initial severity of symptoms, the patient

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hypertrophic stenosis, and perhaps originate some of the instances seen

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at tlie end of September, and he was sure he had never seen a similar case.

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any pretension to modern surgery — we are enabled to dis-

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instant to'change the reagent. The dose of chloroform

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Associated sjrmptoms referable to other organs are not without value

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Rufus Wyman, Thomas Bucklin, John Walton, Zadock Howe, William

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edition is handsomer in form than the preceding, and it is better

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a:i But, apart from this, it is now becoming a practical ques-

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upon both, and saw how foolish is the author and how

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The state of the patient after operation was unsatisfactory

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which takes the stain poorly. The muscular wall and peritoneal covering

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verified Loring's position, and it may be regarded as

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seizures. It is not a necessary effect ; several minor attacks may occur