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" The most complete exponent of gynecology which we have. No subject seems to have

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My criticism of the Germ Theory of Disease would be too incom-

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condition is of greater importance on the merits of a low protein

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a cure. If this is not feasible, or not in season, give Calomel 2

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nuclein-containing tissues or cell elements of the man's

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GUioerous tumor may present, more or less marked, tlie same characters.

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I give below a record of experiments made from a serological point of

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the fat of the rattlesnake is no different, as far as is

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A LETTEK from Dr. Robert Barnes, in the " American Jour-

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give the solution of many perplexing and intricate pro-

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part of the cerebellum was a spheroidal tumor, pressing down through

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person, little susceptible of its action. But the more a physician is in a

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nished by percussion, is abnormal extent of the full, dear sound of the

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In most cases two or three, or at least only a moderate number of

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A word with reference to shortening in cases of fract-

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of Health has as its purpose the maintenance of the well-being

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of each disease are given in French and German, the description, history, etiology, pathology,

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idiocy. Or like the cases reported by Baillarger, who observed three

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9. — A muscular engineer, 31 years old, became entangled

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a rose-colored papular erujition, resembling that of tyjihoid

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scribed to you may not be quite so brilliant or easy in

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labour was of ordinary duration for a first child, having lasted about twelve

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pression of the thoracic parietes, upon inspiration furnish the most trust-

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Great Lent (of Easter), 79 days ; Petroffki Lent, 20 to

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Cammidge's test, and owing to the almost constant occurrence of

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the animal may be in excellent condition, as was the

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