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which the diagnosis was not made, C. F. Cr.mg (Med.
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Modifies the statements of results made in a former article which
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The President welcomed the presence of these gentlemen
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finger, such a pleximeter has practically no intrinsic curve; it can be
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ment of the labour, I should be inclined to doubt, whether they
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puerperal fever, and hopelessly succumbed to it, under the
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largements and lymphangiectasis have been considered always as in
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is reached where the peritoneum is adherent to the tumour, which
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6. Cystic myxoma possesses the same consistence and growing
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and Surg. Journ., No. cxiii, for Oct., 1832, p. 252,
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greater portion of the fifth nerve was afi'ected, though, strange
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be remitted to the Council with power to act, which was opposed
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aside in the groove between the deltoid and the pectoralis ma-
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For the hot Fever requires a slender Dyet which she cannot observe ; (lest the
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with an account of their relations to other diseases, and the most recent methods of diagnosis and
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careful observation by the most enlightened minds, medical opinions
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now set this question at rest by the publication of a case in which a man was
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in nine hundred and ninety-nine cases out of a thousand,
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ever it is practicable to do so, the antiperiodic should be administered
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should be organized in those cities. I do not know whether
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favorable results. A dose of 0.05 gram (% gr.) of sodium
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and observes whether or not the use of glasses and the
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Typhoid Fever. — When reliance for diagnosis rested almost solely
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not bleed in Eclampsia, is C. R. Braun, and not Baum, as printed in
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the periodical alternations between mania and melancholia, to which
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specimen. Probably now it will be best to present the
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Island 30 ; Fairfax County, Virginia 31 ; and suburban Los An-
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whelmed with shame ; others wear a forlorn and haggard appearance,
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skin ; the susceptibility of the individual ; and the extent of surface in-
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furnished us with a very useful double stain for FrankePs diplococci.