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cases. An Esmarch bandage is applied to one extremity central to the

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Pfeiffer, and several other authors, consider that hydrochloric acid

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recovery, even though it may be much postponed. Baillie

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irrigated by the Delhi Canal, etc, and inspected all the towns and

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structive power of the whole blood of the patient as compared with

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transplanting instead of loops; the use of "spoonfuls" of the cul-

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more rational than the latter. Hirst has emphasized the danger of even

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symptoms which will lead the practitioner to suspect this disease ;

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did not slip, yet at 4,30, perhaps earlier, that is, in twenty-three

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actual pelves with the heads in them, taken in cases of natural and

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be introduced in proximity to the fire. It does not appear that

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in a long line of succession. This circumstance is favourable for

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provinces existing, but at a minimum. In 1867 (the fourth year

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The conclusion Dr Ritchie came to was, that the fluid had been in

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Bath, in Somersetshire, is a picturesque and attractively situated

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tized animal when injected into other animals will likewise render them passively

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drawn, and appeared to arrest the circulation completely, for the

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gocyted yeasts lost their staining power in from two to four days, as well as their

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student's pulse was always slow and feeble, and on several occa-

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Figure 2. — B, in the centre of the circle, represents the pavilion

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closes clean, it being found that filth is often thrown upon their

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sure, there being neither screw pressure nor elastic bands in its

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year at the meetings of this Society, when chloroform was substi-

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weight for two days, and then fast again for three days unless earlier

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4 P.M. — Is unable to stand or walk. 4.4. — Convulsive movements.

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dressing. Granulating surface touched with solid nitrate of silver.

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and that the active poison of anaphylaxis could be produced only when the serum of

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dose of a similar preparation give rise to poisonous symptoms

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preparations of the lymph glands as frequently as in the gross ex-

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must do our best to carry out the treatment at home. A balcony or

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Various micro-organisms isolated. — From the beginning of this work, many differ-

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been swallowed many minutes when he fell asleep, and his breath-

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Herpetomonas lineata. — The forms that I studied were obtained

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