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and absorption, and in this wa}^ suppuration prevented. Even

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proliferation, and, when the process of division is active, the daughter cells

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summer months farm and garden work — ^the best of all — is available.

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termixture of blood-vessels. The corpuscles which appear

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New York profession will probably band together to form an-

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expense. The editing of so extensive a series of books is an

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state of tonicity and to prevent the entrance of germs.

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at the level of the fourth rib in the erect posture, aspi-

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Chief of the Department of Genito-Urinary Diseases and Dermatology, Bronx Hospital and Dispensary; Editor

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virulence, or accounted for by a lack of resistance in debilitated

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wisdom. That is necessary to teach ; and before you go ahead and teach

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Mix, and shake occasionally until all is dissolved.

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area, and even throughout the whole length of the large intestine. It

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exacerbations, and by remissions which vary from a few months to two and

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(French); Dr. Crocq, of Belgium (French) ; Dr. Corlield,

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is a frankly contagious disease. Whether or not there

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men so impressed with the belief that the student must

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Dr. J. E. Winters said, in reference to Dr. Delafield's advice

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pledget of absorbent wool wrapped round the end of a pair of pressure

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The niirsing has been conducted by Sisters of Charity and two other

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treatment. Not one of them died, and only one devel-

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By J. A. RYLE, M.D., Assistant Physician to Guy's Hospital.

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by his comrades in a fainting condition, and several others

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From the peculiar sound of the respiration, together

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bravely, answering once or twice as we spoke, fearing he

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admitting oxygen, and yet remain proof against the passage of

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the stone progresses. Such compression has been ex-

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their object the betterment of the ambulance service.

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coats, with the knots buried between the apposed serous surfaces.

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of the patient and the pain caused by pressure forbade an

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tissue and wasting of nerve fibres. The degeneration probably begins, in

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civilized mankind return, as they are doing, to the

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any kind, which was taken into the ftomach. The body grew