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chronic gonorrhea, and is especially efficient in cases characterized
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strophanthus gives much relief, and in acute heart failure, with
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Mediate percussion is practiced by interposing the finger as
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posed to be from a ruptured cyst of some portion of the tumor.
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it. In goitre it should be used locally as well as internally.
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forth on his rounds, on foot or horseback, — sur-
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positive results in that it was found in one experiment to have
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The g^eneral care and feeding of sheep is so well known
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into the Journal, the most prominent of which are the following :
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it will be to your interest to use the 'above remedy as the
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the senses, and the brain must also be so educated that it wi 11
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You all know, in fact, that tliougli among men, the bottom
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know that there is atony; if pinched and shrunken, that there is
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it does not lessen the secretions. In whooping-cough it lessens
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phragmatic action contributed to widening of the subcostal angle
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about the tenth day, and the little cavity that gave rise to it
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hospital can best do the work of all the clinics for them. This, it
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of routine work of which these students arc ( ii|)abl(' while they arc
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Inasmuch as the products of peptic hydrolysis are non-antigenic,.
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conditions Shoemaker advises the use of suppositories made from
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sleeps, respiration becomes more and more difficult, until at
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will frequently mask the sounds we wish to hear. A constrained
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cular patient than the others came to the clinic. She had an after-
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II. — Excision, [Corectomia, Irideciomia, Kerato-Iridectomia.)
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tent, and hereditarily, that is from parent to child. But
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Gasper (the far renowned statistician at Berlin) therefore
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constant and severe, but without sharpness ; rheumatism about
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through French chalk. He found that albumin was removed
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testicle indicates it. It relieves the pains of orchialgia, and sub-
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JSTo. 26 (Case LXXY.).— Operation, September, 1863.
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When fluid is present in the cavity of the chest, the dull per-
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