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uous with the subclavicular glands which are always involved
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had a delightful journey, a cool day, an elegant parlor-dining-
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These dangers, anaesthesia, shock and suppuration, are common
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if the body be exposed for any considerable length of time to
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Inoperable or incurable cases can often be made to feel better
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would never have thought of doing anything of the"_^sort.
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and intestines have a common origin, we shall have taken our
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lighten and make easy his tasks. The burdens resting on his
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assisting him in more perfectly treating the multitudinous condi-
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duced, the older cells breaking down to form waste products and
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there were presented three unusually interesting papers. The sec-
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sion today as a whole is more united on the belief of the efficiency
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All this was brought to the knowledge of Dr. Gray. It was shown that he knew the
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noma, next the scirrhus, followed by the adeno-carcinoma and
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characterized by numerous distressing- svmptoms during dieestion.
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hearing, and touch. The various symptoms told by the patient must
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that since July 1 he has had associated with him Dr. H. Burdsall Adams,
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know in connection with the financial condition of this building. I do not know that under
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7. That the President, or presiding officer, shall consider a motion to adjourn as always
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to be able to cure it by drug treatment alone in the earlier periods of
the words, "Dr. Porter is the best Health Commissioner New
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This subject seems to be becoming- constantly more and more im-
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poor, she cannot recall any Mother Goose rhymes, and the Lord's
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Jealousy anticipates age. Jealous men are unhappy, broken-
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The last decade and a half has been marked by great progress
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to our fraternal regard, assistance, cooperation and friendship
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the Liver, Pancreas and Peritoneum — Diseases of the Kidneys — Surgery
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fragment may be that small as to afford only an insufficient
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of persons who received free medical and surgical relief at the hospitals and dispensaries of
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D. H. Reid was the next witness. He said : I am an engineer ; I have been to the
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after the first, except in those cases where following the first injection there
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chological methods, and such data should form a part of any com-