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Fourteen weeks later, rectal examination showed a reduction in the size of
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labour has convinced the patient of the truth of the obstetrician's diagnosis.
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If treatment is to be discontinued, reduce dosage gradually over a period of a few weeks (see
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bed. From long disuse it had become damp. He felt its coldness keenly, but
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extremity. • Interstitial irradiation for selecte*
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35. Le Moniteur des Sciences M^dicales et Pharmaceutiques. Redacteur
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to them." (Ibid., Q. 51899.) "They do not come under the Poor Law Medical
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Commissioner, Dr. George Homan, and as three of the
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ure to maintain our original position " on the fence." We are
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quickly expelled through the stomach-tube. A less disturbing method is l^y
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which we can bring to the aid of the uterus by traction on the body of the
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case in which a catheter was inserted by Dr. Twyman was one in
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tion in them is partial. Sometimes they slowly ulcerate at the
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the new light which it may throw on many of the most obscure and
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Etiology. Etiologically. the ready inference is justified that
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in certain cases of all the hepatic affections which have been con-
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Telephone: Mavkair lf»S. Telegrams: " Si<ia(,ram, Wesdo, London."
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enucleation for subconjunctival rupture of the sclerotic.
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of the fingers developed pin-head sized sloughs, and upon tlie dorsal surfaces of
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so that it becomes more or less puckered. By means of slideable hooks or
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