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"When administering morphine in various obstetrical and
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occupy the left hemisphere, loss of speech will co-exist with
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cold, or excessively warm weather, enervating the forces; and
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of little pathological and still less clinical interest ; malignant growths, on
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patients with renal disease, thiazides may precipitate azotemia. In patients with impaired renal
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This little book is a reprint of seven paj)ers contributed
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Throat," vol. i., states that twenty-seven cases with this
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ness much better than any of the other bromides. It diminishes
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The next in order was the report of the Judicial Council,
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the behaviour of the corpuscles in the ex- A venous state of the corpuscles of blood
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triceps. In some cases the paralysis is limited to the deltoid. Oocawm-
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In puerperal insanity, too, this symptom is common and may retard
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the superior part of one lung, so as to render the sound dull
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ing of ether here, and as much cyanosis and heart weakness.
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Vomiting has very generally and correctly been described as a fre-
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therapeutic value of the preparations of aconite, and explaining
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tures to general practitioners by Boardman Reed, M. D., Philadelphia,
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of the elbow joint. In it, on the whole, moderate shortening is
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M. Ernest Gouspil. Some years ago I reviewed this work in the American Journal