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" Kitasato : Zeitschrift f. Hygiene, Bd. v, p. 487.

azithral 200 syrup uses side effects

traction of the fibrous tissue, tendons, and aponeuroses, and in many cases,

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puncture and Drainage by the Vagina, and Intra-uterine

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Mechanism for flusliins tanks. No. 315003 ; April 7, 1885. —

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vol. i. p. 753. 18. Holt — " Diseases of Infancy and Childhood,"

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chemistry and biology, preliminary to their study of medicine.

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Zsigmondy und ihre Anwendung zAir BeobachtunglebenderMikroorganismen

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ing this mechanical effect upon the skin exists in certain persons,

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Drs. Byrne, Chapman, Hopkins, Hutchins, Hutchison, Rockwell, Rush-