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and a quarter years previously in spite of treatment. She was ex-

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retracted features, intense internal heat and thirst, burning in the

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in the night; has had no stool since the loth; urine plentiful;

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or general reaction a second injection of 1 mg. should be

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had been opened by a lacerated wound, he was brought into

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tion after the uterus had been returned, and when that organ was almost blood-

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The disease was evidently situated at the margin of the pons,

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concentration was determined, beginning before the first dose of

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The younger scholars, called "Schiitzen," were compelled

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plained to me the possibility of this rare accident. Strong, wide

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butcher informed him that a calf would only yield 3 to 4 oz. of red

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roe. In other examples of the disease the particles

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hollow-eyed. Her height was 4 ft. 9 in. and her weight 4 st. 8| lb.

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or by the use of stimulating pediluvia. In abscess of the

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case involving mental capacity it may be either plaintiff

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ing up to face the physician as school begins. Such

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adhesiveness it clings to the frothy, lighter secretion from the larger

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et r.ipiiendicite. Bull. Acad, de m6d.. Par., 1897, 3. s.,

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her discharge "she began decidedly to amend." We find no

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hygienic surroundings, give tonics, plain, nourishing food, fresh

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events, though I recognized persons and my surroundings

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place. On the third day a slight discoloration appeared

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seemed to be a distinct neurasthenic element in the case. Her neuralgia was

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Adulteration — Scienter — Giving false Warranty to Purchaser —

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in Speyer. 45. GALASSI. Bolletino della societd Lancisiano dell' ospital di Roma,

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certificates of pedigree must be indorsed by the Argentine consul in

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seems, indeed, to be a matter of every-day experience, that a jet of

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mechanically by agitation. Several successful cases of its use are