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The prop gives the patient something .about which to
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demonstrated it in the wide range of statistics which
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cidental occurrences supplied me with a clue to a train of fur-
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the whiskey began to have an intoxicating effect. I must
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for several hours within the gastro-intestinal tract. These experi-
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special training as a remedial agent in certain forms of
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the Profession in England, Scotland and Ireland could each,
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fever transformed into the intermittent type, where ar-
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tion, with a median time of 14 hours. All but two children
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tire arterial system ; expirations in rarefied air diminish
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The knee-joint, for a lengthened period the seat of chronic strumous arthritis,
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affected with a pustular eruption, the matter from the pustules
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affections of the bladder; it is said to have the property of dissolv-
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not simply occur as the result of casual or accidental derangements involv*
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if the symptoms are moderate, I omit bleeding, and direct brisk
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and extravasation takes place, which being coagulated there, excites violent
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4) ; " horse-collar" enlargement encircling the urinary outlet (Fig. 5), 181
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for some weeks until an attack of "la grippe" complicated
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last year, and many of its members naturally expect it to hold its
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Conclusions. 1. A detailed pathologic study of fixed tissue
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from their excessive action ; and, in exact propor-
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a born lithotomist, and was very successful in his op-
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operation should be limited to those cases where the head has attained
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shows repositioning error can be minimized. The subsequent fractionated radiation
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Small-celled sarcoma of the femur; amputation at the liip-