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serous contents, must give time to the absorbents to remove that fluid which
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Ravogli, Cincinnati, as an expert. He found one of the patients
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looked. In Case 5 a skiagraph was eiitirely omitted
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ployment of blood-letting, mercury, opium," &c.
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Bladder.— Is distended with urine, containing flocculi resembling gruel ;
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to the medical world, together with a few experiments of my own, in order
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The Pi«s«nt Status of the Bottlnl Operation in the Treat-
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but that immediately succeeding a pain they were only 96, and then gradu-
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ment and trial, peculiar to medical men — devices to get business — there is
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37 'Intestinal Indigestion (Dystrypsia Intestlnalls), Nature and
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the comforts of life, with neither bed nor covering to keep him warm, and
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pushes backward and at the same time makes a false registry
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ever possible, be respected. That it does not always re-
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certainly collectively resign, and the foremost position of the
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became tumid and painful on motion, and the enlarged glands could easily
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8 Pathology of Intrauterine Death. (Continued.) Nell Mac-
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developed in the third week of a severe attack of typhoid
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each species tested — cattle, sheep and pigs— were inocu-
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in Maryland that has not complied with the law requiring local
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by accident, it united after a time in a favourable manner, a substance being
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Boulogne has terminated in the condemnation of Drs. Carter, Scott, Shuter,
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patches. A history of exposure to syphilis, and rapid improve-
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great toe had also been taken out; amputation, he was now fully convinced,
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of commercialism. We are yet far too prone to be led
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distinguish it or the duct of Steno. The tumour is in my possession, and is
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issued a circular to the physicians of the province, medical
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tiTe meningitis : death. Reference : Ibid., p. 275.
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some reason no further trial was made in tliis ease.
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Portugal, Bussia, and a number of other countries. Other
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with very little tension, and the ends folded under twice
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M.D. Cloth. Pp. 177. Price, $1.25. New York and Lon-
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unhesitatingly applied them. So far the results of experience justify the
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assumption Behmiann has administered creosote internally
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her of a healthy boy. Recovery as rapid as is usual.
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rehef of pathologic laceration of the cervix as it is now
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than attachment to the great cause of science ; and whether such be the case
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in addition a chapter of abnormalities, on obstetrical opera-
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muscles of his arm much or exposed it to any continued