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methods, were identical in properties and composition. For

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Portions of food and drink, and the salivary fluids, are apt to be drawn

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the confluent variety, a diffused redness of the surface precedes the ap-

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teries. One relatively large and constant bundle, however, en-

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central roots and the rostral end of the olfactory bulb. The

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near death, a tendency to incoherence or delirium. Death takes place

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tity of serum is found under the arachnoid and in the ventricles, some-

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rate is changing rapidly, the error in such calculations is very large.

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in the urine is very abundant, and, per contra^ general dropsy is slight or

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with tolerably large doses, which may be gradually augmented

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nique and gave excellent histologic preparations. A nmnber of

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most any structure which passes for some distance through a series can be graph-

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of time (tables 14 and 15, fig. 3) it is seen that the rate of addition

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tongue to be bitten. The spasm of the lar3'nx and muscles of respiration,

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phology of the Mauthner cell (figs. 1 and 2) and on the structure

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coma, from which she emerged in a short time, and recovered without any

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Autopsical examinations made b}' Louis and Trousseau, at Gibraltar,

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the cure of chorea. Of course, these are practicable onlj^ m the cases in

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papillae cannot be accurately observed on such fresh bits of

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Chronic Bright's disease, considered as embracing degenerative changes

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