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most every possible variation, consistent witii tlie yen-

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hog, in from five to fourteen days, the field-mouse, in from two to

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liant discovery, or re-discovery, of vaccination by

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were to give instruction to the hospital corps in the

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7. Raynaud's disease, if it has any existence, cannot be

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the two fluids are brought into contact, diffusion is almost instantaneous.

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contracted. The same result occurred when the lids of the

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his second molar, than by the narrow escape he had had

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Dr. Dudfield, from £200 to £300 per annum. At the meeting

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By Harvey Littlejohn, M.A., M.B., B.Sc., F.R.C.S.Ed.,

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the medulla oblongata and the pons Varolii are in a state

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The Science and Art of Midwifery. By William Thompson Lusk, A.M.,

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doses can then be given with safety. Therefore, when a

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that is, the value in dollars and cents of the human life, because even-

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ply of oxygenated blood. It is to be remembered that complete cessation of

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tents, (c') The oxaluria and the accompanying gastritis

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strength faster than you can possibly give it by delay

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Milwaukee, Wis. Ophthalmology — Chairman, Dr. Lu-

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D., gr. 10-15 (gm. .6-1.). Emetic— D., oz. i (gm. 15.).

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volatile and hot normal saline was, by means of a No. 13 red

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Epifleinic of typhoid fever at Maidstone. Brit. M. J.,

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On physical examination the edge of the spleen may be palpated below the

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given one to each child, according to his age, by the medical

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Fern. — This plant grows in shady pine forests. The proper

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FOR SALE: Air-conditioned first floor office building,

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haps those which have received more traumatism than the others. The hand

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few degrees higher, the rectal temperature was approxi-

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in warm barns, which have been in use for some length of

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