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tuberculosis, in the hands of several workers at least, is apparently
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are large and make up a large part of the flesh around the hip
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answer to these questions ; for the latter we study in-
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in nipple line. There are no murmurs or abnormal sounds present. The
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strictness of examinations — and I mention it for that purpose,
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acid nitrogen figures of 3.3, 5.1, and 4.3 per cent, of
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subcutaneous tissue by the pregnant female jigger {Dermatophilus
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blood. The opacities in the macula lutea undergo various changes as to colour,
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Medical schools, deliver a general introductory lecture treating
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family physicians. It was not less remarkable that men so
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and in enteritis as well; when these coexist there is much fat in the
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of the lower jaw an anastomosis is formed between the branches of the
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hour with Dr. F. W. Murray, and, feeling certain, from a consid-
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siologiques. Overs.'o. d. k. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. ITSrh.,
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October ZOth. — Consulted Drs. Beard and Fleet Speir.
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was bronghl to this country by his parents while be was yet an infant.
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4. A destruction of the structural element of the pus
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fection, that it cannot be mistaken for it. There are,
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up a violent ophthalmia, from which the patient suf-
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Alexander operation might be necessary. So far I have
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and is still to be made, by the new methods in dU(g)H>f<is and
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cle, until you get off as far as the stable will allow. When
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when the serum is not perfectly fresh, the suspensions agglutinate
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equalizes and strengthens the heart's action, soothes
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each re-application. It is bad practice to blister extensively in
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mel with Gocht on lupus. Since then various dermatoses were treated,
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displacement of the kidney. The case had passed through the
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other matter dealt with in the bill is the endeavor
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vels up the highest mountain passes, as in India; or across the
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be gathered from various passages in the books addressed to Pope
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point, and piercing the head in every direction ; pains in the back of the