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sunk exhausted, but only imperfectly comatose, about twenty da\'s after the first
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is very little excretion of curative agents from the blood into the
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in anv type of syphilis in which the meninges were involved.
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the centre of the swelling, and elastic. By and by this part presents a dull yel-
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not ease, hence is a unit, because it is not ease, and one set
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sciousness. Her neck was stiff; her throat swelled, very red and painful;
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upon that organ in man extend. I have been unable to discover anv analogy.
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ing the mass of blood; exciting convulsive twitchings and .spasmodic contrac-
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following days it was up to 103°. This rise of temperature was due to
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twenty-four to seventy-two hours. Sometimes they may last, with remis-
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pass through narrow places in the capillaries; therefore they
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lobe communicating with the vagina, the right forming a cavity with no external
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April 8, 1913. 0.5 c.c. egg-white undiluted intravenously, severe symp-
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which you should be acquainted, — I allude to a violent and destructive inflam-
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application to the arts. It might, perhaps, be used to oil delicate machines,
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but not comatose. Administered soda, &c. &c.; applied blisters to the
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The old woman, whose case had been considered as utterly hopeless, on the
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agree; yet we may remark, that the very fact, admitted by M. Dubois,
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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to
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of the medium line. The gastric contents show a total acidity of 88, free
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The detailed biological reactions of this diphtheroid organism
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Dog 16. May 13, 1911. Isolated heart from normal dog perfused with
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became sufficiently severe to alarm her, and on December 27 she reported
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I believe, indicate that persistent high blood-pressure in such a
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stoppered with cotton and sterilize with dry heat. Thus prepared
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are still living. My general impression of hospital and dispensary
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grasped and brought down (and with it the bladder) to the external wound, in
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is merely diluted. At any rate, Decroly and Ronnse showed that
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character, which, under an adequate inspection of their thoughts,
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As one reads of the very large dosage of benzol which he exhibited
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media appropriate to the growth of these organisms were selected.
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