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salis, progressive muscular atrophy, optic nerve atrophy and pseudo-
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cal ones in which the Gasserian ganglion is itself de-
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years. He was born in Ireland and was a graduate of Trinity
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healthy family, and had had no previous diseases or
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which contained an elastic bag filled with water and
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ranches of research by cultivating in its students a
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0118 hut for the fact tliat in the last week of JMay
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J. Free was the father of a large famUy, all of whom
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tum was excised, and the sac also. The material used in
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wards, this truly great man was not one of the best
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using many incandescent bulbs — over ninety in one
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fourth of the kidney is left presents a more difficult
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first, it was learned by consulting legal counsel that
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reasons autopsies in certain diseases can only dem-
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date), with pieces of mucous adherent. Ruga not distinct.
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ing was made over the outer side of the, joint; several
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nosis of acute perforative appendicitis, with abscess
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large doses of (piinine, which had no effect on the
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but its power towards rabbit's blood cells is greatly
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ence, and in so far it is of inestimable value in this
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.John F. Golding, M.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., who was a
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sidents, one of them had ah-eady done them the hon-
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to speak of the theory, expressed by Mac<lonald,
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was this that prompted some proceedings on my part, which,
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all. If a toxin is circulating in the blood, a certain
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was isolated from the vagina and rose-spots as well
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cool and sometimes cold, but no distinct chills were
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very minute, and show in 1856 a mortality of 154 per
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one interested in it and for illustrations of the eggs,
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resulted. The new legislation is intended to offset
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to, or in aid of, the present prevaUing ideas on pre-
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or two at a time, and in all to a half hour or so a
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insure the distribution of a water supply of attested
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better protections against the disease than quarantine,
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Remit and you will soon get a cable from me wh(!n I am
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a positive diagnosis, because it did not seem to him
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ing ulcer with inflammatory infiltration of the ante-
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palpation of pancreatic disease, for all have recov-
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marked tendency to .secondary sjjasm in many of the
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I was thenuipon orden^d to Europe, where 1 spent the
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boiled. It is allowed to cool to about 115° F. and
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ants, both at the beginning and at the finish of the
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methods to learn that mydriatics are emplo3'ed in refrac-
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Professor of Physiology and Physiological Chemistry, Dearborn
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ject, might be accounted rare, but careful study of
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$10 a bottle. It is also stated that in the course of
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it not be well if what is done for the student dur-
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tion concerning the anesthetic properties of ether is un-
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hill Magazine said in its paper on provincialism, their