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a man who had killed his wife. He was a sensitive man — this is often

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estimate the role played by these possible but remote and

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{t) This was the first literary or scientific body that conferred an honour

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ments to produce its beneficial results. In neuralgias generally it

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tube inoculated with the heart blood yielded growths of Staji/ij/lococcus

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impulse is feeble and slow, often irregular, and the sounds weak.

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The general treatment consists in bloodletting, as often re-

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cases in the island being estimated at 10,000. By far the greater

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was also very extensive lardaceous disease of the organs, for which there was

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of the vasomotors might be almost entirely eliminated and the

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etc. ? " We can only say to this that Dr. Stevens will

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Tung-Chow, a native of Mansfield, Ohio, and a grad-

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from the diagnostic point of view, since Nothnagel's " spasm-center "

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When the attack ceases with expectoration, the case is

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1 on the 13th day. Of 10 cases in which the colic was light, in 6 a spofr

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cine which seems to be unuecessary for so long a time.

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for the erythrocytes and for the leucocytes which were probably identical,

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of antitoxin serum in diphtheria, at the meeting of the Academy of Med-

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portions, and "sve find ourselves in a position to attack tliem

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new method which leaves no doubt as to the correct constitution of this hydrocarbon.

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third, in the sigmoid, where it occasionally occurs. One

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Moscow, says that a decoction of the root of the meadow-

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Boncali (U. B.) Intoruo ,nl]e lesioui anatoniicbe cbe si

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diaphragm. Owing to this phenomenon steady fixation

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" Question, question."] It is the question, Mr. Haden. I

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dry, (by being wrapt in oil silk,) the weight was diminished

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of each disease are given in French and German, the description, history, etiology, pathology,

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singular entozoon in its general appearance and organization appears to be inter-

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the reduction of the veins. The latter may take place from the base

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(2) adenomatous hypertrophy of the corti- head, axillae, back, forearm and hands,

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the natural pains, assisted by the bag of waters gradually insi-

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by the bile retained in great quantity in the biliarj^ capillaries. We

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pecially in females, hereditarily predisposed to insanity."