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fessors Antony and Newton, to operate on my patient. Dr. Newton, after

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clearly defined goiter, very apparent exophthalmia, tremulation

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sage and Swedish movements applied thoroughly. The speaker

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these is elaterium, when it is properly administered. Another advantage

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afterward unmodified. The patient lived five and one-half

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of soda, eauRtic potash, and has ligattd them, and no improve-

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state of the bronchial mucus, which adheres to the bronchial ramifications;

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in small doses — a teaspoonful once a day to remove gently the contents of

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could have been hazarded the afternoon before, so I requested a consulta-

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814 ) , in which he says : "All efforts to prevent ascending renal

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least a drop in the removal of those obstacles which lie

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says she is remarkable. The greatest circumference of the head measures

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living animals. On the other hand, it must be allowed that the case is

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Db. S. Sherwell, in his paper, said that the most common

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in a teaspoonful of olive oil. Elaterium in %-grain doses ad-

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defense than of the defense of alibi or self-defense. The defense

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recommended for a disease ; in such cases, usually, none of them have

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whitish at the edges, rather dry; no vomiting; respiration high ; right side

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a diagnosis of appendicitis, for in Cases 3, 10, and 11

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disposed to consider the case as obstruction of the canal by undigested food,

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ahead and do it. If he gets well I will pay you $25,

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members, and one for every additional fraction of more than

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turn out I know not; it may be lumbar abscess, or it may be something very

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leaves or ergot grains and found, to my surprise, that

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portion of small intestines pale, lower down tinged with bile. Mucous

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correct, for there are well authenticated cases to the contrary. It is no

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appropriate antiseptics. One of .the best of these is salol in

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arrange for a laboratory in which pathological and bacterio-

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presenting nothing peculiar at its commencementj I took no notes, conse-

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nor yet so narrow-minded as those who, in their ignor-

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bacilli apparently In pure culture : the predominating form was the

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treatment, so ably urged — at the present day — by the medical attendants of

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tertian organism, and concludes by saying that whatever theory

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elicited the fact that the patient's favorite reading was

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tagiousness nor communicability of pulmonary tuber-

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" Corpl. P. and private T., both of Co. D, U. S. Marines, came on sick

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who are trained nurses, and publish annually a state-

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To meet the second indication, namely elimination by

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