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described as a symptom of obstruction of the posterior part of the nose.
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tions throughout the body become perverted and abnormal
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pression ; an indefinite term applied to every grave
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quence of recent investigations, more and more obliterated.
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permit the decayed tooth to be extracted. The sight of the right
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this volume, by Mr. Combe. The only way, observes Mr.
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during the greater part of the time ; he was then allowed to walk with crutches,
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Pooley, more for the purpose of showing the utility of the fulcrum in
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vide us the safest means that I know of, Ehubarb, charcoal, mustard
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inspiration and further descent of the diaphragm is attended with
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prolong life on account of the slower growth of the tumor due to the
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hardly allay the smarting, burning, and excruciating pains succeeding such ex-
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any second attempt at dividing the structures, all were cleanly cut
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tients not only a medical advisor in sickness, but a
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The speaker believed that the chief advantage of this op-
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easily detected. In diseases in which an extensive destruction
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due to pyloric stenosis and attended with marked vomit-
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origin. A myelitis affecting the entire transverse area of the
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A striking characteristic of Typhoid Fever is the ^^revalence of
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is correct theoretically, it can be proven practically if a definite liver test
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the great reformer, did not hesitate to express his approval
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conducted by myself at the Hoagland Laboratory, demon-
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Brummel or one of New York's 400, but his dress should be neat and
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signs of hypertonus of the sympathetic. On examination with X-rays
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the patient; or there may be only a feeling of cold or numbness. Second, the
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in the country. — A recent instance is recorded in England, in which
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sublimate bandage, he covers the wound with a " Carbolquecksilbergutta-